About Nomad Gardens

A note from the founder, Canyon Cassidy.

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I was born in Carson City Nevada and raised in historic Virginia City. I am told that when I was less than a year old as I spent time in a garden my mother planted. By the time I was 7 or 8 I snuck a handful of seeds from my mother’s collection and walked to a nearby vacant lot to make a small garden plot with nothing more than a stick. It was a simple set of rows with seeds planted every 5 or 6 inches in un-tilled soil. The plot was actually on a neighbor’s property and luckily they were not offended by my exuberance for planting a garden. I soon forgot about the garden I had planted. It was not protected in any way, open to the sky, rabbits, dogs, coyotes, squirrels, deer and the occasional kid on a bicycle and yet somehow my garden survived. On walk-about one an early summer day I happened across my little garden and was surprised to see cabbages, carrots, lettuces, spinach, radishes and few other plants I did not recognize. I ate all the spinach, cabbage, the lettuce, radishes and the carrots. The flavors I still remember quite vividly.

That was it, I was a gardener from then on.

Currently I am practicing Permaculture and studying sustainable agriculture and building techniques, (the application of science in general), geology and the traditional methods of indigenous cultures. I received a Permaculture Design Certificate in 2015 while pursuing an Associates Degree in Science. I look forward to finishing a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Engineering. Aside from all that I also manage a small family owned lapidary studio.

The name “Nomad Gardens” was chosen for a simple reason. Nomad Gardens is a moving project. Once permanence is achieved at one location, the focus then shifts to a new project in another location. Spreading diversity over time in a natural pattern, in sync with nature and in time with the surrounding culture.


  1. Hi. I’m also a Carson City resident. I am interested in converting my land into a food forest and meeting others in Carson with similar interests.

  2. Sounds great Jeff! I recommend joining the Northern Nevada Permaculture meetup group hosted by RT Permaculture. Linked here : http://www.meetup.com/Permaculture-Northern-Nevada/
    They have regular meetings, courses, work-bee’s and events year-round. I do a monthly meetup in Silver City, but soon we are going to expand that onto a variety of people’s properties as to add more diversity to the adventure and learning experience. (skipping December’s meetup for the holidays)

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